Limak Airport Services Institute



Our aim is focused on supporting the community, building an organizational culture towards positive results, showing that we are not only a business entity, but also a part of the community we operate in. Not only we are accountable but also we share the responsibility to shareholders with regards to the value of society across the organization and community..



There are no boundaries of LKIA commitments to its Social Corporate Responsibility. By being close to the society, encouraging and supporting it we strive to build a strong community and promote the company effectively and efficiently. We feel an intense obligation to encourage the youth towards a more educational future.

The most valuable asset of the country –its youth is the main reason of establishing Limak Airports Services Institute, which will continually support the educational institutions in Kosovo such as the public University of Prishtina.

We will make every effort to take care of Limak ASI students’ professional development for them to have the opportunity to become the qualified staff of our business environment.  


We believe in excellence!

LKIA Corporate Social Responsibility develops the best set of social, environmental, and commercial practices and contributes to local economic development.

These past few years have been filled with achievements in social corporate responsibility. Our vision was achieved beyond comparison by supporting various youth, education and sports activities through different projects.

Limak Airport Services Institute is the design of success, a path to show that excellence does exist.

It is established within Limak Kosovo International Airport to support the best students of University of Prishtina, to create the prospect of being a part of one of the most successful companies in Kosovo and encourage the youth that success is created solely from educational efforts and self-commitment. 

Limak Airport Services institute aims to support the local students, to further develop their academic and professional skills towards a promising future and as being a part of our corporation to strengthen their business knowledge. Great experience provided by professionals of Bosporus University and LKIA personnel, with a warm hospitality, brings new hands on experience to students in an international airport such as Limak Kosovo International Airport. 

We believe
in Excellence