Limak signs a new cooperation agreement with the University of Prishtina

On the 12th of October 2016, at the building of the Rector of the Public University of Prishtina ‘Hasan Prishtina’, the rector Prof. Dr. Marjan Dema signed a memorandum of understanding with Limak, for the continuation of the implementation of the Limak Institute for Airport Services program in Kosovo.

As per the memorandum of understanding, the company Limak will train students on airport management and will provide internationally accredited certification, accepted at more than 200 airports around the world. The program foresees internships for participating students and employment at the Limak Prishtina International Airport ‘Adem Jashari’ and / or other similar institutions in the world.

‘The University of Prishtina develops programmes that aim to further build academic and professional capacities of our students. One of the fields where are University is concentrated, is also the cooperation with a number of companies from the rivate sector, with the goal of increasing the professional capacities of our students, in line with the latest market trends.’, said Prof. Dr. Marjan Dema, Rector at the University of Prishtina.

The Limak Aviation Services Institute, the extra-curricular program organized by the University of Prishtina and Limak, is organized in cooperation with ENAC Institute in France, Bogazici University in Turkey and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology at the Republic of Kosovo. Throughout the program, the students get the opportunity to develop academic and professional capacities, in line with the latest market trends.

‘Limak ASI provides an opportunity for the talented students that wish to become part of this industry. The Institute does the increase of the capacities and prepares the students to offer airport services’, said Mr. Haldun Firat Kokturk, CEO at the Limak Prishtina International Airport ‘Adem Jashari’, during the signing ceremony. Mr. Kokturk thanked the University of Prishtina for the good cooperation and the students for the inspiring energy, stating that currently participants of previous editions of Limak ASI are part of the Prishtina Airport.

30 students at the last year of their studies, enrolled at a number of faculties within the Public University of Prishtina, participate at the program in annual basis. So far, the Institute has managed to employ 34 students from the first two editions. Throughout the program, students get to visit different institutions in the field of aviation in Turkey and France. 

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