Limak ASI 2017: Presentation - National Library

Dear students,

You are invited to participate in a presentation of Limak ASI, the first institution in Kosovo for airport services, on the 23rd of February at 14:00, on the large amphitheater of Kosovo's National Library "Pjetër Bogdani".
All students that are in the final year of studies of the the faculties below are invited to attend.

  1. Faculty of Economics
  2. Faculty of Law
  3. Faculty of of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  4. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  5. Faculty of Natural-Mathematical Sciences

On this occasion, you can get answers to all your questiosn, as well as more information regarding the course, practical aspect and Airport employment.
This presentation is made possible by the Center for Career Development of the University of Prishtina and Limak ASI.

We believe
in Excellence